Product Development

Advantum för produktutveckling

InfoTech Scandinavia has long, in-depth experience in helping product development companies and organisations with digital support in their information management process. Advantum is developed in close collaboration with the Swedish industry and is built on over 20 years’ experience in this area, making our solutions effective and reliable.

Managing the complex links between product information and general information (such as project and quality information) demands a competent, efficient system. Advantum is the kind of system that lays the foundation for efficient product management (Product Data Management, PDM) throughout the entire product lifecycle (Product Lifecycle Management, PLM) while still enabling natural links to external information with Advantum's user friendly relations management.

Engineers can work more efficiently in accessing drawings and models directly in Advantum though our CAD integrations. The Advantum built-in preview function enables all users to view and comment drawings, even when they do not have the specific CAD application installed. Version management of both documents and drawings are standard functionalities that makes Advantum a broadly applicable PDM and PLM system.

The Advantum work-flow functionality enables creating processes within the organisation to ensure greater efficiency and quality assurance for procedures in development, evaluation and approval and to ensure the right user always has access to the correct document or product information version.

Being easy to configure, Advantum and with open interfaces enables easy customization of company processes and links to business systems, intranets and similar.