Training management

Advantum Training Management is a tool that contributes to quality control and fulfillment of requirements, especially for companies in Life Science who need to comply with international regulations, such as the FDA and EMA. The tool creates an overview and control of current and previous education at both organizational and individual level.
Advantum utbildningshantering

Advantum training management links the company's information management with the right skills.

Advantum training management is an important tool, not least for companies operating in regulatory environments where staff education is an essential part and fundamental for the fulfillment of good quality, regulatory and improved operational standards. Advantum Training Management creates a clear overview and control of whom has attended various courses. The tool also saves and administers courses and course material, CV, diploma and job descriptions. The tool fits very well in combination with Advantum SOP - Standard Operating Procedure, but also together with other system components such as Advantum Deviation Management and Advantum Change Management. Advantum Training Management is a component that connects and combines the organization's information management with staff and individual skills.

Exemple of functionality:

  • Educational planning on a individual level
    Advantum Training Management
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  • Educational planning on a corporate level
  • Manage training, Courses, diplomas and CVs
  • Registrer and manage educational materials
  • Training records: Read & Understood



Individual training plans

Schedule individual courses and training plans and get a clear overview over whom has attended what courses and read what SOPs, routines and guidelines.

Overview and control

Create control and ensure that individuals read new information before, for example, a new change enters into force.

Manage training materials

Register and save materials and courses and link them to affected teams, roles, departments, and employees.