Supplier management

Advantum supplier management is a component designed to ensure the quality and manage the organization's suppliers. In this tool everything is handled from traditional contact information to more complex evaluation processes and risk assessment of suppliers.
Advantum leverantörshantering
Using Advantum supplier management creates control and structure.

With the help of Advantum supplier management, quality and control and efficient administration of all suppliers are ensured. Through a specific framework and workflow, Advantum guides the user throughout the supplier's lifecycle, ranging from setting up and registering new suppliers to ongoing evaluation, risk assessment and follow-up.

With the help of Advantum's clickable relationships, one can easily link supplier-specific documents, email conversations, purchases and invoices to each supplier. In this way, a network is mapped around the suppliers that the organization works with. As a user you can choose whether follow-up and evaluation should be handled manually or if you want to use the system to transfer automatic dating, reminders and follow-up.

Examples of functionality in Advantum supplier management:

  • Versioning
  • Full traceability and audit trail
  • Graphic illustration of the entire supplier's life cycle
  • Evaluation, approval and follow-up
  • Create relationships between suppliers, documents, contacts, products, services, etc.
  • Create and distribute tasks related to implementing decisions


Risk assessment & follow-up
Advantum ensures that each provider is undergoing a qualitative and reliable risk assessment and be monitored and evaluated over time.
Automatic reminders


Make sure nothing falls between the chairs. Advantum reminds both via email and in the system when a supplier needs to be managed.

Microsoft Office integration
Advantum is a partner with Microsoft, which means that there are integrations with Outlook, Word, Excel and PowePoint.