SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

Using Advantum's component SOP - Standard Operating Procedure, organizations and companies ensure documented procedures and SOPs are managed in an efficient, consistent and quality assurance manner. Accept and sign the documents electronically, distribute them to relevant persons, keep track of who have read and understood the information and much more.
Advantum SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
Advantum SOP creates consistency, quality and efficiency and ensures that SOPs and and routines are assigned and read by the right employees and groups within the company.

Advantum SOP is a proven and quality-assured solution to electronically create and manage documentation such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), routines and guidelines. Advantum SOP is therefore an effective and powerful tool for companies and organizations that work fully or partly in regulatory environments with requirements for quality compliance and compliance with different regulations. With the majority of users in the Life Science industry, Advantum SOP has become a reliable tool in this area governed by strict international requirements and rules. Advantum SOP assists, among other things, with automatic version management, complete audit trail, reminder of important dates, distribution of SOPs and routines to affected persons and much more.

Examples of functionalities:

  • Read and understand / Read and understood
    SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
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  • Audit trail 
  • Version management
  • Reminder functions via email
  • Electronic signatures
  • Access control
  • Approval process based on role and title



Related documents & information

Cross-references allow you to link and create a network of information related to your SOPs and routines and distribute these to the right person, team, department, other documents, products, etc.

Read & understand / Read & understood

Distribute SOPs, guidelines and routines to affected people and keep an eye on who has read them and understood them directly in Advantum.

Reminder function via email

With automatic reminders via email, affected persons are notified when new SOPs, routines and guidelines are released and executed.