Document management

An efficient electronic document management system (DMS) is an important part in all modern organisations. With the document management module in Advantum you avoid getting stuck in time-consuming and fast growing, uncontrollable folder structures that often are very time-consuming.
Advantum Document Management
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Document management in Advantum creates the ability to handle all organization's documentation in a safe and efficient manner in order for your organization to save time, ensure quality and meet regulatory and standards requirements. By managing your documents in Advantum you will ensure better quality, faster administration, total version management and traceability, keep track of who has done what in any document and much more. Advantum handles all types of documentation; from meeting notes to reports, calculations, quality documents, images / illustrations to CAD drawings and 3D models. The system has a built-in logic that allows you to create cross-references and logical relationships between your organization's documents, thus giving you a clear overview of all documentation and how they belong. Combined with a flexible permission management, ensure that the correct document is displayed to the right person with the right access.

Examples of features in Advantum's document management:

  • View latest version/revision
    Want to learn more about Advantum Document Management? Join our webinars and learn more about how Advantum can help your organization!
  • Create new documents with the help of efficient template management
  • Distribute documents to the right user
  • Store documents
  • Audit trail with secure tracking capabilities

With a 100% solid integration to Microsoft Office, Advantum enables creating, editing, adapting and distributing company information directly from Advantum to everyone in the organisation.

Advantum is quick to get started with, easy to learn and to use, and simple to maintain.

Thanks to Advantum being fully configurable, it is easy to tailor the processes to the needs and wishes of each customer.

Reugaltory environments

Validated document management system for organizations with high requirements for information management in regulatory environments. Prepared to be validated according to international standards.

Project-oriented document management

Advantum Document Management offers tools for streamlining project-oriented tasks, sharing documentation and collaboration between users.

Microsoft Office integration
Complete integration to Microsoft Office with Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook for user-friendly document management and document registration.

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