Claim and deviation management

Quality deviations, environmental deviations, complaints- and production claims and deviations are unwanted but real scenarios and challanges that companies and organizations face on a daily basis. Events and cases that deviate from normal processes and process flows must be managed and prevented. Advantum Claim and Deviation Management helps you to capture, manage, document and prevent deviations from being repeated. By tailoring a framework for just how your organization wants to handle these processes, quality, traceability and prevention are guaranteed to prevent unwanted discrepancies.
Advantum deviation management
Want to learn more abot Advantum Claim and Deviation management? Join our webinars and learn more about how Advatum can help your organization!

Although deviations belong to the everyday work in organizations, many companies does not have defined process management for their deviations. By obtaining system support for such unwanted scenarios, clear

frameworks and principles for managing deviations are established with Advantum. The Advantum Deviation Management module handles information as a result of a deviation such as error messages, alarms, emails, documents and cases. By collecting all of this information, Advantum Claim and Deviation Management offers the tools to handle and correct deviations in the best possible way, as well as a plan for how they can be prevented in the future. Advantum Deviation Management helps you handle deviations according to the rules of Good Manufacturing Policies (GMP), Food and Drug Administration Part 21 (FDA 21) and Code of Federal Regulations Part 11 (CFR Part 11).

Example of features in the Advantum deviation management module:


  • Predefined workflows control the management
    Deviation management
    Want to learn more abot Advantum Deviation management? Join our webinars and learn more about how Advatum can help your organization!
  • Notifications via email and/or logging into Advantum
  • Escalating alarms based on pre-set time frames
  • Status and permission controls
  • Version management
  • Graphical presentations of the process and status
  • Audit trail for secure tracking capabilities
  • Electronic Signatures and Records make it possible to approve/sign deviations and measure directly within the system, in compliance with the regulations in place for GMP and FDA 21 CFR part 11

Since Advantum is fully configurable, it can easily be set to match each customer's processes, demands and needs.

Cross references and relations

Advantum Deviation Management enables you to reliably relate all information relating to a specific deviation to get an overall picture of the whole deviation, its status, and what actions it awaits.

Follow-up and process optimization

Advantum gathers, logs and connects all information created in within a claim or deviation. Advantum's quality assured framework creates the opportunity for optimization and follow-up that continuously improves the work with deviation management.

Quality Assurance & Validation

Advantum Deviation Management ensures that deviations are handled in a quality assured way, enabling companies to be validated according to international standards and principles such as GMP, FDA and ISO.

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