Contract management

Contract management and can rapidly grow into time-consuming administration if not managed in a structured and in an efficient way. With the Advantum contract management module, your organization can manage, organize and distribute contracts in a smooth and time-saving way. With functionality for automatic reminders and cross-references you will gain the ability to connect your organizations agreements to different types of documentation, customers, suppliers, services and products. This way you will create an overall contract management that reduces the administration and at the same time ensures quality. 

System support for contract management is a smart investment for organizations and companies to avoid unnecessary administration and miss deadlines. Advantum Contract Management enables flexible cross-references to connect agreements and contracts with customers, suppliers, asset management, partners, services, products, and much more. The system helps your organization to find out, for example, dates and deadlines, redundancies and extensions. The system can send automatic reminders via email when specific agreements and contracts need to be administered. Advantum contract management also makes it easy to create new agreements using templates so that contracts and contracts maintain a consistent structure and profile. With the help of electronic signatures, your organization can approve or decline a deal directly in Advantum - smart, easy and quality-approved.

Example of Advantum Contract Mangement features:


  • Flexible contract management with control over the company's contract processes
  • Ensure the quality of the content through efficient template management
  • Control the availability for different users and user groups
  • Notifications and alarm functions for expiring contracts
  • Controlled distribution
  • Ability to link contracts to documents, customers, suppliers and products

Since Advantum is fully configurable, it can easily be set to match each customer's processes, demands and needs.



Advantum provides bio-tech business, Alligator Bioscience, an effective overview of their contracts in terms of validity periods and notifications, access and permissions, and documentation related to the contracts.


Optimize revenue and costs

Advantum Contract Management helps your organization to distribute important and sensitive agreements to the right role, position, and group.

Clickable relations

Advantum Contract Management helps your organization to connect agreements with documents, customers, suppliers, partners, products, services and more. This will create a comprehensive management of how contracts are linked and affect your organization

Alarm and reminders

Advantum Contract Management reminds your organization when it is time to renew, terminate and negotiate existing agreements. With the help of automated emails to the right persons within the company, you will be notified when contracts are to be handled.

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