Change control

How organizations and companies work with change control and change management are considered to be an important part of quality work and quality management. Advantum change management is a tool for structuring and planning change work within the organization according to proven principles and international standards. With features for submission of amendments, evaluation and implementation decisions and allocation of implementation data, your organization seizes a holistic approach to these processes.
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Advantum change management is a component suitable for organizations and companies that want to ensure and improve the quality of internal processes. For example, if you work in a regulatory-driven industry with high demands on process and product quality, Advantum change management will give you the tools and structures that will help your quality-proof change work. Adantum change management illustrates and guides an amendment work according to defined process flow principles and connects all related information related to the work. This includes flexible cross references, documents, decision documents, email conversations, and much more. Apply a specific process for managing the administration in a clear and quality-proof manner. Advantum change management automatically register your work in a complete audit trail so that you easily can track and overview the change work.

Standard functionality in Change control:

  • Pre-defined workflows
    Want to learn more about Advantum Change Control? Join our webinars and learn more!
  • Possibility to relate documents and other file types during the process
  • Graphical illustrations for great overview of your change control processes
  • Create and distribute tasks related to implementing decisions

 Advantums extreme flexibility let you work with your change control processes, without costly customer adaptations.

Flexible & powerful access control

Advantum change control helps your organization to distribute information and information to individuals, roles and groups with the appropriate privileges.

Microsoft Outlook integration

Advantum change control have full integratetion with Microsoft Outlook to easily record messages and conversations regarding a specific change work.

Optimize change processes
With an automatic, complete audit trail and the ability to evaluate individual change projects, your organization can evaluate and optimize management of change processes.

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