The system

Advantum is a fully configurable standard system for efficient and secure information management. Many industries currently implemented the system in widely diverse fields for managing contracts, deviations and controlling documents, product information, drawing management and change control processes. 

As requirements and prerequisites vary significantly, we offer Advantum in three packages, as ready-to-use industry-specific solutions, as individual components, or entirely customized.

Industry solutions


Complete solution packages for efficient information management customized for companies in the following areas.



Complete tools for managing specific fields with extreme flexibility, combine them to fit your needs. Get up and run quickly!

Kundspecifik konfigurering


Fully customer-specific configuration without special modification, for your special needs and requirements. Made for you, but standard!





Why choose an industry solution?

Our industry solutions are developed for a few selected areas – Life Sciences, Government & Public operations and Product Development. If you work in these areas and want to replace your manual or dated procedures for information management, our industry solutions are the best choice for you. They're created to provide a broad solution to equip you for the future. And naturally, our industry solutions can be expanded to manage additional fields.

Why choose a component?

Our components are designed for customers who want to simplify processes and increase efficiency in managing one or more specific fields. With our components, each developed using best practice, you will quickly get up and running. If you want to make changes to the components you have full freedom to do so as Advantum is 100% configurable.

Why choose a customer specific solution?

Our selection of complete components and solutions is large and covers several areas within information management. Despite this there are unique needs and requirements that call for a more customer specific configuration. You can read more about our reference projects or contact us for more information.