Advantum is an exceptional system for efficient information management. By adding our services to it, you can release the full power of Advantum. Our experienced application specialists have in-depth understanding of commissioning and supporting Advantum for our customers.

As a customer, you have your own application specialist to turn to for help with installation, training, configuration, support and similar.

We also offer implementation of Advantum as an application management solution and separate support agreements based on your specific needs.

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Project Manager

Our project managers have long, in-depth experience in Advantum implementation projects in many environments and branches. With our proven RAD (Rapid Application Deployment) methodology we ensure efficient and high quality implementation of Advantum in your organisation.


Servers, work stations, software and accessories – everything in its place. Advantum must be installed and its functionalities tested. Our experienced consultants install Advantum efficiently and with strict requirements for security and documentation. We have long experience in planning, installing and deploying Advantum the right way.


A well performed and distributed training is a key factor in successful implementation of any IT-system. We tailor training based on your needs, requirements and previous experience and ensure this training is as concrete and efficient as possible. We have long experience of training users in Advantum.


One of the strongest arguments for choosing Advantum is its unique flexibility through configuration. Our consultants can configure Advantum to function to comply with your requirements and wishes while the capability for future reconfiguration lets you grow and develop with Advantum.


A smoothly functioning and efficient support function is an important part of the customer experience. Your support issues will be handled directly by our consultants, who are well-versed in your specific installation. Together, we design a support agreement that suits your needs and requirements for scale, response times and availability.

Application Mgmt

Our application management service provides both software and server management. This service offer includes running servers in strictly monitored environments, including fire protection, intruder alarms, shell protection, UPS, temperature monitoring, back-up procedures and all. Let us help you with a comprehensive approach and you save time.


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